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"Mustangs Helping Communities Helping Mustangs"
What we do

Mustang Journey will adopt, purchase, gentle and rehome Bureau of Land Management Mustangs, Burro’s and Rescue Horses.  Through the education and hands on interaction, we will engage the community to the history and plight; while providing the healing benefits of the rescue process.

The Plan

Who Is It For?

  1. Mustang Journey adopts mustangs and or Burro's from the Bureau of Land Management.  

  2. For the next three months, under the supervision of Mustang Journey Trainers and Volunteers, the Community (men, women and children) will engage in the healing benefits of the rescue process.

  3. As mustangs are adopted out of Mustang Journey into loving homes, Mustang Journey adopts new mustangs from the BLM to train.


There are, tragically, well over 14,000 military veterans in Greater Cincinnati living with PTSD, and thousands more with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Working with horses is proven to provide therapeutic benefits to these deserving veterans. Mustang Journey gives veterans the opportunity to help gentle, train and prepare for adoption, wild mustangs which have been rescued from crisis situations.


Because herds of wild horses are starving and taking up resources needed in the west, the BLM has rounded up fifty thousand wild mustangs and placed them in holding pens. They are being cared for at a cost to taxpayers of approximately $80 million per year.  And the numbers continue to increase.

Visit the Bureau of Land Management 

Horse Lovers

Mustang Journey can help people who want to add a well-trained, intelligent horse or two to their lives that don't cost an arm and a leg. Mustangs definitely fit the bill.

“The mustangs saved my life. Had it not been for them and the training program, I never would have gotten the healing I needed.”  -  a local veteran 

What's Our Story?

Mustang Journey is a non-profit organization created in 2018 by people who love Mustangs and the overall health of our Communities and have seen for themselves the life-changing difference pairing the two can make.  

Our trainers have proven experience of working with Mustangs and the Community.  They are accomplished horse trainers and have received training from the Mustang Heritage Foundation and Parelli Foundation.

What's Next?

As a newly reorganized organization, September 2021, Mustang Journey's needs are deep and wide.

First and foremost, we need people who love the mission and because of that, want to help to:


Make a donation to so we can adopt more Mustangs and our Communities. Be a hero for them both! 

Join us

Schedule an appointment to learn about our "Guardians of the Mustang Society" where members donate a minimum of $10,000 to ensure these symbols of American freedom are around a long time.

Tell Your Story

Share with us your story!  Why are you passionate about our mission?  How have you experienced mustangs helping veterans helping mustangs?

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