Adopt a Mustang

There are three key reasons to adopt a mustang from Mustang Journey versus purchasing another type of horse:

1.  BLM mustangs are a blank slate when Mustang Journey gets them, which means that – instead of un-training a horse’s bad habits.


2.  Mustang Journey’s Lead Trainer is certified by the Mustang Heritage Foundation and holds a Level 3 in Parelli training.  You know you will get a well-trained horse.

3.  Mustangs possess all the qualities people look for in a horse. They’re intelligent, hearty, sure-footed and healthy. They have to be, in order to survive the rigors of living on the open range.

“I want to adopt a mustang.” 

Why Mustangs Are So Special, by founding board member Mike Iacono

Mustangs are a symbol of our country’s heritage, for me as strong a symbol as the eagle. The sight of these powerful animals stirs our emotions and rallies the imagination.

I believe Mustangs are emblematic because they remind us of a time of self-sufficiency and personal fortitude. As times change and their natural habitat is shrinking, we identify with this symbol whose desire is simply to continue living as they have for generations.


I personally find their history and current circumstances a call to action. Even if I can only change the outcome of one animal and a paper-thin moment in history, it’s enough and it’s gratifying.


If we lose the mustangs, we lose a symbol of our American spirit.