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The future of 50,000 wild horses is in question unless a solution is found; horses like Chile who was thankfully rescued, trained, and is now living in her forever home.  

Mustangs are intelligent, beautiful symbols of American freedom and don’t deserve to languish in holding pens for the rest of their lives. The government cannot keep up with the ever-growing issue of mustangs.

Once established, Mustang Journey plans to share the model with others across the country so that  every single Mustang is rescued from BLM holding pens and countless veterans get the healing they deserve.

Testimony after testimony from veterans who have worked to gentle mustangs clearly show that there is a unique and powerful connection between horse and human.


Here’s how one vet put it:

The mustangs saved my life. Had it not been for them, I never would have signed up for the program. Had it not been for the program, I never would have gotten the healing I needed.

You can be the hero and help these two symbols of the American spirit.

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