Guardians of the mustang giving society

Members of our exclusive Giving Society, called “Guardians of the Mustang,” receive:


  1. An invitation to join our trainers as they make the trip to pick up the Mustang.  See firsthand the living conditions and the direct impact of your donation!

  2. A chance to pick out one Mustang with the trainers’ approval.

  3. First dibs to adopt the Mustang you help pick. If you don't want to adopt, opportunity to help pick the future adoptive owner. 

  4. Opportunity to be the first human to have the “Join Up” with the Mustang.

  5. Invitation to join our Trainer Team and volunteer veterans as they work to gentle and train your Mustangs over the next 90 days.

  6. Naming rights to the newly adopted Mustang.

The number of members invited to join Guardians of the Mustang will be based on the number of mustangs adopted each year.  For instance, in 2019, the Society will be open to only the first 5 philanthropists as Mustang Journey plans to adopt 5 Mustangs the first year.

Cost of Membership in the Guardian of the Mustang Society is a minimum donation of $10,000.

Your donation will be gratefully accepted and you will get the thrill of knowing you rescued a Mustang and helped get a new organization off the ground!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at