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How to Tame your Leadership Skills

A leadership-changing adventure



Have you become stagnant in your leadership role? Have you read enough leadership books to fill a shelf and attended more than your fair share of “seat in the chair” leadership conferences?


If you are looking for a leadership program that delivers practical, real-world, and yet unique experiences, Mustang Journey is for you. This program is rich with classroom and field activities that are proven to generate new thinking and define a path for elevating leadership skills at all levels.


The unique design of the Mustang Journey Leadership Experience transforms doubt to trust and fear to confidence.

Karen Butcher

Training and Coaching



For more information, please email info@mustangjourney.org

Movement #1 – Getting Beyond Awareness


We use the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment to begin your journey of self-discovery.  Awareness is the first step in fully understanding your personal style and behaviors and the priorities that shape you but we don’t stop there. You will explore what motivates and stresses you and your colleagues. You will elevate your communication skills for better connection and productivity with your people. The value of this workshop is revealed as participants walk away with new awareness, practical ideas and a personal leadership action plan.


Movement #2 – Developing Trust and Taming Doubt


This part of your day brings to life the leadership principles taught during Movement #1 - Getting Beyond Awareness. Now it’s time to get into the round pen with a wild mustang and certified trainer.


When you gentle a wild mustang, you establish trust and the horse learns that you are the leader. Isn’t this what you want to achieve with your teams?


Our participants tell us this unique program is a life changing experience they will never forget.



Movement #3 – Reinforcing with Purpose


We end the day with a group debrief, connecting classroom learning with what you learned from the mustangs. Completing your action plan results in a tool you can use for continued commitment and accountability. We are confident that you will leave Mustang Journey with renewed purpose and passion for your leadership role.



This program is designed for

  • Early and mid-career leaders who want to leverage strengths and identify opportunities for improvement

  • Experienced executives who want to refocus or sharpen their skills

  • Teams looking for ways to build team relationships and improve results


What you can expect

  1. A full color report of your personalized Everything DiSC Workplace assessment

  2. Individual and group activities

  3. A unique lunch experience

  4. Connection with the Wild Mustangs

  5. A renewed purpose and passion for your leadership role