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What It’s Like to Own a Mustang, by founding board member Mike Iacono

You never really own a mustang. You join with a mustang.

They choose you when they trust you, and when they trust you, you have a friend and companion without any agenda – just mutual trust.


Sometimes I tell people that my mustang is now a horse, because I feel like she’s crossed the line of fear of unknown circumstances that used to make up her day-to-day life, and now accepts me and my lifestyle. I watch her as she explores my world even years after we joined up, and it constantly reminds me that life on the range is so different from life on my Ohio farm.

I run my hand over her BLM brand and imagine her life before me. And I am in awe of her journey and her resilience. What a privilege to share her story.

What It’s Like To Gentle a Mustang

by Lead Trainer and founding member Tina Caldwell

When gentling a mustang, the first thing you have to remember is that a mustang is not a domesticated horse, therefore they are going to react differently. You do not need to be a high level horse trainer to be successful.


All you need to know is the fundamental understanding of horse psychology "Love Language and Leadership". We can help horses make the transition from a free range wild horse to becoming a tame horse partner.  All horses have the instinct fight or flight but with patients we can help them over come these fears and trust humans as partners.  


There are many distinct steps to the process though there are initially two very important steps:

  1. Gaining trust through feeding and spending quiet time with the horse until your mustang realizes you are not a threat. Curiosity replaces fear and the beginning of a trusting relationship.

  2. Introducing your world to your mustang, one patient step at a time.  There's a lot of gratification during this process, as each bit of progress reinforces the trust and bond.

Once you earn the mustangs trust they are quick to learn and want to please their human partner.  It is a life changing experience for both human and mustang.   They are truly inspiring!

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