In addition to the two recent research studies proving the benefits, the first-hand observations from the Trainer Team and the stories from the veterans have consistently shown results in increased:  

  • Acceptance of Self and Others

  • Confidence

  • Sense of purpose

  • Trust

  • Sleep


One veteran participant suffering from PTSD said, “If the mustangs can learn to deal with their war wounds, it gives me the hope that I can too.”  The bond veterans form with the mustangs appears to be powerful leading to changed lives and renewed hope and purpose.

Mustang Journey is looking for veterans who would like to learn more about how to gentle mustangs.  


There is no cost to become a volunteer trainer. All you need is transportation to our Clermont County stables, a willing heart and a love for mustangs.  If interested in learning more, please fill out our Volunteer Application to recieve more information.

Volunteer Application

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