How Can I Get Involved?

As a brand new nonprofit, Mustang Journey's needs are deep and wide.  We need people who love the mission and will:


  • Sign up to receive the Mustang Journey newsletter to get the latest updates. SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER »

  • Make a donation in the name of a veteran or a horse that you love. DONATE »

  • Sign up to be a volunteer that helps care for the mustangs. VOLUNTEERS »

  • Refer a business that might benefit from our newly launched Executive Training called MAX-LT that combines DISC learning with a unique and exclusive application with mustangs.


  • Sign up to join the Mustang Journey Ambassador's Club whose mission it is to spread the news about the mission of Mustang Journey.

  • Join the "Guardian of the Mustang" Society »

  • Attend Mustang Journey events bringing along your friends and families

  • Tell people about Mustang Journey so they can sign up to receive our newsletter and other materials

  • Follow Mustang Journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In (add links)


  • Check back often at our website to see what the current needs and events are and share with your friends

  • Share with us your story!  Why are you passionate about our mission? How have you experienced mustangs helping veterans helping mustangs?

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