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Welcome to Mustang Journey

Mustang Journey’s mission is to provide the benefits of equine assisted interaction to Veteran’s,
First Responders and the Community at large, while rescuing Mustangs that have been
removed from free roaming herds and held in captivity.
Outcome 1:
Provide a program that teaches participants life changing skills and trust bonding with a wild
Mustang, whose experience often parallels the experiences of Veterans, First Responders and
those seeking relief from anxiety.
Outcome 2:
Veterans are equipped with knowledge and techniques to gentle and train a wild horse allowing
them to help train other Veterans. America’s wild mustangs are adopted into forever homes
making way for additional mustangs to be rescued, trained and adopted.
Outcome 3:
Provide a place and forum for the community to coalesce behind horse rescue.
Our Goals
Veterans helping Mustangs helping Veterans
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